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    We will file claims for you for in-network coverage, and provide receipts for all services. Out of network claims may be filed with these receipts.  Make sure to mention your insurance when you contact us.

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Brittany Neece and Associates LLC

fees and insurance

private pay fees

Brittany is currently offering a premarital counseling "package" for those interested in services.  Receive a 15% discount on services when registering for classes/sessions and making payment upfront.  All couples will receive a $60 discount towards their marriage license upon completion of the premarital counseling services (typically 5-8 sessions).

One of our primary objectives as therapists is to provide affordable counseling services to our community.  This is why we accept some insurance plans and offer sliding scale payment options based on household size and family income.  We strongly believe that therapy services should be available to anyone in need of them.​​


speaking engagements

  • Grief and Loss : The Differences in Child and Adult Grieving
  • Complicated Grief: Understanding and Working Through Complicated Grief Reactions
  • Family Roles : Exploring and Understanding the Changes That Take Place After the Death of a Family Member or Divorce
  • Where's the Love? : Restoring Intimacy, Improving Communication, and Identifying Argument Patterns for Couples
  • Hold Me Tight - Conversations for Connection: Relationship Education and Enhancement Program
  • Self Care : Tools and Important Tips for Health Care Providers and Stephen Ministers
  • How Can I Help? : The Journeys of Caring for Someone with Terminal/Chronic Illness
  • On Our Own Terms: Education and Discussions About End of Life Issues
  • Nurturing Parenting: How to Parent with More Empathy and Less Conflict
  • Spirituality in Grief: How Grief & Loss Impacts our Spiritual Growth & Development
  • Stephen Ministers: Talking to Suicidal Persons

Please contact Brittany for additional information about these presentations or to schedule a speaking engagement.

pre-marital counseling


accepted insurance plans

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  • Chronic/terminal illness
  • Couples issues including communication, intimacy,  infidelity, divorce, re-marriage, and premarital counseling
  • Chronic pain, including pelvic pain
  • Nurturing parenting
  • Disordered eating patterns and behaviors
  • At-risk youth with family and/or school behavioral issues
  • Teen/Adolescents
  • Spanish speaking clients

$150 for a standard 60 minute session
$225 for a standard 90 minute session
*Most sessions are 60 minutes, though many couples and families may benefit from 90 minute sessions.
Cash, check, or credit card  (visa, mastercard, and discover) are accepted forms of payment.

We offer sliding scale payment options for those who cannot afford standard rates.  These payments are based upon household size and family income.  Please contact us for information regarding the current sliding scale rates.

Also, we offer a free 20 minute phone consultation for those who are interested in coming to therapy or have any questions about our services.  Please call Brittany at 512-814-6027 or Pearl at 512-655-3944 for a free consultation.  We will do our best to return your call within 24 hours during weekdays, and within 48 hours during weekends.

  • Family counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Grief and loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • EMDR
  • Self-esteem & quality of life improvement
  • Difficult life transitions

Brittany is a TX State Board Approved Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Supervisor.  Please contact Brittany for any questions about supervision rates and/or opportunities for counseling associates.

Q&A for Potential Associates:

1. What is your orientation/approach to therapy? I operate mostly from attachment and relational based models. With couples I use Gottman, Emotion-Focused Therapy, & Psychobiological based approaches.

2. What style do you use in supervision? Group vs Individual? I use both individual and group supervision alternating per week, for a total of 5 hours per month. (1 hour of individual one week, 1.5 hours of group the following week, etc.) I currently have 2 supervision groups that consist of 5-6 associates each.

3. What are your expectations of associates? I expect associates to have a lot of questions; to be authentic and honest about their overall experience with clients, internship, and the supervisory process; to continuously be working towards balancing self-care and career life (and to have struggles with it!); to be open to growth and challenges within the field of counseling; to not be afraid to admit to mistakes or ask for help; to practice ethically and competently; and to use supervision as a key means of support and guidance within the internship process.

4. What unique qualities do you bring into your supervision? I offer a very eclectic approach to supervision. If private practice is a goal, we'll discuss marketing, networking, developing business models, and how to acquire clients. If you're working at an agency, we'll discuss agency dynamics and how to best advocate for yourself and your work within an agency. I have extensive knowledge in both settings, as operating a private practice and having served as the Clinical Director of a grief and loss non-profit agency. I have some opportunities for associates to work within my practice. We discuss self-care in addition to clinical cases and treatment, and continue to discuss how to avoid burnout and turn this work into a career where you can make a living! I’m very personally supportive of my associates and care about what’s going on in your life, and how it impacts you (not just your work with clients).

5. How long have you been in practice? Supervising? A licensed therapist for over 11 years; supervising for over 8 years.

6. How much do you charge per session or per week/month? Does that include emergency consultations? I charge $90 per session, whether that's individual (1 hour) or group (1.5 hours). Emergency consultations and brief check-ins are included (and encouraged!) in these fees.

  • Grief and Loss (for adults and children)
  • Divorce Support (for adults and children)
  • Pelvic Pain Support (for adults experiencing chronic pelvic pain issues)

        **This group meets on the 2nd Saturday           of each month from 10am-11:15am; please

        contact Brittany for more information                or to sign up!

        Please visit The Austin Center for Grief &

        Loss at their website for more information

        on these grief support groups: